Legit Review: Fit to Act

It's tough to play the "hot guy" role when you've packed on a few pounds, leaving you with less of a six pack and more of a keg.

And yet, while Jim learned that the hard way after his failed audition attempt, it ultimately didn't stop the revelation that being good looking doesn't guarantee you a hook up.

In a weird way, "Health" was almost a further extension on the misadventures of finding "Love," or at least passing on the expert dating advice torch to Billy.

Except here, Jim spent most of his time trying to be a better actor, which coincidentally led him to seek the advice of Andy Dick. Cue the irony.

While Dick normally has become accustomed to playing way over-the-top characters that you find easy to dislike, this version of the star was a humorous attempt at playing off the entire stereotype of the man himself.

What you got is a spirited, yet failed attempt to turn Jim from Australian slob to American hottie. Of course, it's not really Andy's fault or anyone else's for that matter. Read More....



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