"Harbingers in a Fountain" DELIVERED.

Bones crew, that was an excellent premiere! Is it possible you have finally realized that it doesn't work when you go whole-hog on "major" episodes and have instead thoughtfully decided to stick to your strengths?

Sarcasm aside, this episode had no right being as good as it was, contributing factors (namely, the cracktastic season four finale and the fact that this was a premiere). But it was excellent, and I am so delighted! On the one hand, it kind of hurts that a psychic played by Cyndi Lauper is such a great improvement over the majority of last season. On the other hand, her performance is some of my favorite guest work I've seen on Bones.

"Harbingers in a Fountain" has all the classic goodness that makes this show great. The dynamic between Booth and Brennan, which is always well-executed, was absolutely superb in this episode - and that with a slightly out-of-sorts Booth. The way the whole Omg, Booth in love with Bones?! situation turns out is slightly disappointing for my inner romantic. But, practically speaking, it was handled ingeniously. Because when a show hinges almost entirely on chemistry between two characters who are not together, their feelings have to stay unrequited or the entire show flops. It's just a fact. (See: The X-Files, and a whole gang of other shows.) As far as other good things in this episode, a line from Angela says it best: "A pit full of mass murder victims, what's not to love?" True fact.

I'm taking this episode as an indication that Bones will be back to snuff this season - gross, quirky, quick-talking, and occasionally intensely thought-provoking. I'm also hoping this episode is an indication that Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) is going to be around more in this season than she was in the last, and also as an indication that we might finally see more than some superficial character development for Tamara Taylor's character Camille Saroyan.

I was definitely counting on being disappointed, but now I'm EXTRA excited for next week's installment.

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