Saturday Night Live Recap: Kevin Hart Palms Your Sandwich

I'll get to the Kevin Hart stuff in the sketch-by-sketch analysis, but two things: the Imitation Don Pardo we got during the introductions distracted me for probably the first 30 minutes of the show. So many questions! Is Don okay? Is he ill? Am I adequately prepared to accept the reality that one day Don Pardo won't be there to do the SNL intros anymore? Maybe Don's just on vacation? In which case my existential dread seems a bit dramatic. I guess this means that Don reads these live every week? That's weird. You'd think he'd just record one master of the season's cast, then come back in on, like, Wednesday and lay down the week's host/musical guest?  I wonder what Don Pardo does with the rest of his week. These questions continued, until they gave way to a second set of questions, mostly involving whether Macklemore can actually be eight feet tall or if Kevin Hart is just that short. Read More...


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