TED'S WIFE (possible spoiler)

Alright guys, I'm sorry I'm about to spoil all your dreams of being the first to find who Ted's wife is going to be, but I've done it. Yep, that's right, I did it, I win, I'm awesome, end of story....

Well its not over yet, Think back...back....back into the third season, which isn't that far back because HIMYM won't come out with new episodes GOD DAMNIT...anyway, back to the episode "No Tomorrow"

Alright, he mentioned that his wife was there, at the bar, and you saw the yellow umberella, now remember when he was going up to talk to Barney about Ashlee being married? Yeah well he bumped into a girl on the way there...BAM his wife, HIMYM does stuff like this all the time, things that seem like nothing come back to be something, and this is it...trust me....check for yourselves...

P.S....I win

Yeah, i just thought about it and it wasn't me that figured it out, it was another guy, but screw them I'm awesome and they can touch me where I liked to be touched because they know they want to



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Sep 7, 2008 5:10PM EDT

well stella also said she was at the party. and we all know the lady who bumped into ted wasn't her.so how do u explain that?

Large 1348002789 ass butt
Sep 7, 2008 5:16PM EDT

you really could drop it now. probably even creators don't know who the mother will be.

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Sep 7, 2008 7:16PM EDT

sorry to burst your bubble lilmanluu but she cant be the mum cos at the end of the show he states that he didnt meet the mum that night.

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Sep 8, 2008 10:15AM EDT

Well running into someone does not constitute as meeting someone. I run into people all the time and never remember them. I do not think she is the mother because if you look at the girl she is exotic looking and both kids are completely white and don't have traits of the mother.

Sep 8, 2008 1:20PM EDT

1st off some people don't want to know who the mum is until its revealed in the show because then its awesome and rememberable. If your gonna post spoilers then state it in the title so those who aren't interested will know not to read, those who don't care about finding out early will.2ndly this isn't a game. Its entertainment yes but if this was a game you would be the shoe shiner of the loser. Your post has shown all of you daily intelligenceGranted, I wouldn't be surprised if the yellow umbrella has some significance (i mean c'mon its yellow!) but this is one of those shows that i personally don't want to put in much thought into that detail because of all the build up they've already worked three seasons to get. I like the discussions on who it could be but for whatever reason (maybe i haven't had my coffee yet or maybe you sounded like a 13 yr old boy who has recently found the power of the internet) but your post irritated me, since you've decided to plague those with your inane dribble then im going to practice my freedom of speech as well. While normally i don't lash out like this, i have no patience for stupidity.....oh yeah i did get my coffee today! Burundi blueberry is yummy ^_^

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Sep 8, 2008 3:36PM EDT

pshh whatever you all know its her and are just pissed off 'cause i figured it out

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Sep 8, 2008 6:57PM EDT

Acctualy i figured this out at that episode..Ted just bumped into her and then an eye contact and an appology so they got each other in mind already...so cant wait next time they meet.

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Sep 9, 2008 10:47AM EDT

Hi5 @ Banned...he's knows how things work, I like the way you think bro. Now listen up, when she turns out to be his wife, I reserve the right to spank each and every one of you that doesn't agree with me right this second

Sep 9, 2008 3:39PM EDT

you honestly think people care you know who the mom is? Sorry i keep forgetting im talking to someone with no life. You knowing who it is isn't what irritates me and makes me want to hunt you down to break every bone in your body then set your house on fire. By all means rejoice in the fact that you know who it is and it is now pointless for you to continue watching the show. What i was telling you before if you weren't so ignorant you might have picked up on it, *If your going to post a spoiler then state it in the title of your post.*

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Sep 9, 2008 4:07PM EDT

If you thought what I was writing and I was so ignorant, why did you come back to read more if you would just get pissed off again? And apparently I'm not the only one with no life because you seem to be on this sight as often as me...anyhoo if you don't believe i'm right than its not a spoiler, its just an observation of course I may be wrong which is why I'll continue to watch the show, as will everyone, it makes it more fun if you try and figure it out...and you need to calm down, I'm just a guy putting my thoughts out there, boohoo don't read it if you don't wanna

Sep 9, 2008 6:04PM EDT

I've considered writing a paper for extra credit in my sociology class and you're proving my sub conscious ID theory to be true. That and im bored. Not many places you can watch shows, eat twizzlers, and get research done at the same time.

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Sep 10, 2008 7:14AM EDT

Sweet so you'll quit bitchin'?

Sep 10, 2008 12:56PM EDT

awww wuz da matter? Did i offend the poor widdle d00d? Thats so cute, are you gonna cry now or did you already tell all your friends how big of a bitch i am cause its so easy to castrate your ego?

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Sep 10, 2008 12:58PM EDT

I think about the girl he bump at the bar is the right person. Reminber how at start of season three he said: And that was a good thing because this is how I met your mother a year later. Him and Stella didn't met a year later after he said that. And according to wikipedia (I know, not everything is true there), somebody write that the Final Episode is already done since the start of the second season, I imaging it was already plan to run in case the show was cancel or not renew by CBS. We will see, for sure, we will know this season, except is he have lie to his children.

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Sep 10, 2008 1:03PM EDT

hahahah! who said anything about killing my ego? I was just hoping you'd quit being a bitch since i was helping you with something...something about psychology and how you like to spank off monkeys?

Sep 10, 2008 1:38PM EDT

How to Know You've Hurt Someones Ego in Three Easy Steps!1 you would never admit that i have chipped away at it2 you keep making really childish insults because your ego is threatened (or your 10)3 any one can use the bitch word like its candy when they feel like they're loosing their comfort zone (meaning your ego) its the number 1 insult thrown around to a woman.
Normally i take it as a compliment cause i choose not to be one (damn morals)Maybe if you insult me like an adult with creativity i would have more respect for you, wait that monkey comment probably was the most creative your feeble little mind could get.You are a decent test subject if not a pathetic human being that once again proves the majority of the human race are cattle. You should be thanking me to you know, everyone loves forum fights. Your thread is getting more hits now

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Sep 11, 2008 4:44PM EDT

haha ofc my thread is getting hits, and ofc Im gonna keep the fight going because its funny to read how your pompous ass get all high and mighty and lecture me about things that I for one definitely don't need any information in. Wait, how did this all start anyway? Did you just wake up in the morning and decide "I'm going to try and make someone's life miserable today" and yet not have the intellect or wit to do so?

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Sep 11, 2008 6:52PM EDT

Well frankly (who am i kidding) I wholeheartedly agree with theladyshannara. Limanluu you are just being childish and inmautre, I mean let it GO!! i beg you maybe the girl is teds wife too be, maybe not just let it go and dont emarasse yourself. And if it is his with good for you you watched a show made a fool out of your self when someone stated a different opion. SO JUST LET IT GO. In closing i would like to restate that you are acting very childesly i mean "spank" are you 12?? That would explain things..

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Sep 11, 2008 7:00PM EDT

Well frankly (who am i kidding) I wholeheartedly agree with theladyshannara. Limanluu you are just being childish and inmautre, I mean let it GO!! i beg you maybe the girl is teds wife too be, maybe not just let it go and dont ebarasse yourself. And if it is his with good for you you watched a show made a fool out of your self when someone stated a different opion. SO JUST LET IT GO. I would like to restate that you are acting very childesly i mean "spank" are you 12?? Well...That would explain things.. P.S How can you keep the fight going? Your half the fight. P.P.S how pathetique is your life? Keep the fight going? P.P.P.S thanks for posting this, you also make me laugh at your foolishness. Ta Ta little one

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Sep 12, 2008 12:33PM EDT

You are so dumb! They showed the umbrella for a reason. they also said that he found out later that she was at the party as well. they were giving a little bit of a taster without giving the whole thing away. Also, you don't know who the mother/wife is, you just know she had a yellow umbrella and was at the party WHICH IS WHAT THEY SAY ANYWAYS!. so to conclude you are a complete imbecile.

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Sep 13, 2008 8:21AM EDT

Alright, first of all who the hell are you? I didn't make you look at this column or do anything so quit complaining about it, I mean, you must be a democrat if ur gonna bitch about something that u didn't pay for to start with.Secondly, "somethingfunny" your comment officially just walked in circles and made no sense, so just leave...go, go on, don't even bother reading the rest of this, just go, u have no need to be here.Alright also, "spank" is a perfectly good word and was just the perfect word to express my point, and again, if your gonna criticize get the fuck out cuz I really don't give a shit....Thanks for reading :D
P.S....anyone realize how theladyshannara didn't reply after my last post? yeah, you all did, because I won the argument and if she posts something after this its just gonna be a feeble attempt to make me sound stupid because she's gonna get upset and self-conscience because she just got horribly out-witted

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Sep 13, 2008 11:46AM EDT

maybe she's at her sociology class

Sep 13, 2008 11:57AM EDT

Dude, you're not the first to figure this scene out. Don't take credit for it. I'm not saying that I was the first (although I did notice it) but a lot of people probably noticed it, but just decided not to make a review about it on Sidereel. Oh, and for the record, even though a lot of people didn't make a review or discussion, some people did. Here's an example:

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Sep 14, 2008 1:06AM EDT

First of all to your original message. Yes... you figured it out. Good for you. However you might not have realized, the only reason you're the first person to "say" anything about it is because it was a combination of one of two possibilities... too obvious or too misleading. Just before the opening song you see her standing in line and he states "your mother was there" and everyone outside waiting to get in are wearing dark clothes holding black umbrellas but yet the one woman in the center of the frame is holding a yellow umbrella right as he says the portion of the sentence I just mentioned. That entire seen was beyond apparent to either intend this woman to be the wife or to purposely mislead the audience into thinking that this is the woman, when in fact she is not and they're trying to create suspense and intrigue. The bulk of the show is based off the fact that we know absolutely nothing about this woman, and they virtually never give any indication through the entire show as to who she is... but that tiny little notion that they may infact be approaching her introduction both maintains our attention while increasing our curiosity because they avoid giving away anything regarding her identity through the course of the show. I personally maintain the notion that is woman is quite likely her, but I would never put it past the writers to intentionally mislead us in order to have a greater surprise when she is finally introduced.
But on to the real reason I'm posting. You're a tool. You think that the sociology student lost this argument? You did nothing but act like a juvenile that just had his favourite toy taken away. Chances are because it's the school year that she has many other priorities such as writing that paper that she was working on, or preparing essays or studying for exams and after managing to entice you on to a point of swearing and showing the world's population just how immature you are (not to mention the inability to form a grammatically correct or even seemingly intelligent sentence) she decided it was time to leave baby to it's lolly and get back to real life.
I think you need to take a big long look at yourself in the mirror and come to realize your priorities may be a little skewed considering what you seem to be most proud of at this moment is that you were the LAST person to figure out that hey... that umbrella might have meant something, and the fact that you were so completely unable to form a coherent arguement with this woman that she decided to give up an walk away.
Personally I applaud her tenacity, and am likely one of many that have come to the same conclusion as her regarding your intelligence level.
Have a wonderful day!!

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Sep 14, 2008 11:23AM EDT

hahahaha wow someone needs to chill out a bit, and think of what they are saying. "grammatically correct or even seemingly intelligent sentence" OK, well you did say "That entire SEEN was beyond apparent to either intend this woman to be the wife" so first off you're a hypocrite and need to check yourself before you judge others. I'm not saying that everything I say is "grammatically correct(as you so asininely put)" but what I am saying is that you're too quick to jump the gun and need to slow down and think a little before criticizing to make sure you don't have a completely irrelevant argument. Look pal, this is just something I did for fun and to maybe stir up an argument, which apparently worked as you and others have now proved.Personally, I think that you need to hop down off your high-horse and get slapped a few times by your momma in order to see that you're no better than I, and that you need to stop judging for a second and really think about things rather than regurgitate the first asinine thoughts you have. Thanks for reading though :)

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Sep 14, 2008 2:06PM EDT

Well, considering I was writing that at 2am after having worked a more than 12 hour day at the hospital a simple lapse in spelling can occur. However your incessant need to lash back at anyone with a remotely valid point speaks both to your immaturity and fragile ego.
The one thing I find funny is the repetitive use of asinine. I assume you looked that up in a thesaurus in order to make yourself seem a little more intelligent than portrayed in earlier posts, however the repetition just makes it all the more amusing for me.
Notice how you only quoted the portion of my sentence which fit with you're argument. I stated that #1 the writers directors made it VERY obvious that this was a person to take note of which is for one of two possibilities, that she in fact the wife or to purposely mislead the viewers to create a greater surprise when the time came. Try not to act like all the dimwitted politicians in the world that manipulate and abuse quotes to try and win an argument.

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Sep 16, 2008 9:12AM EDT

I'm simply saying the you should complement the things you say by example, and seriously, if anyone doesn't know what "asinine" means needs some serious help.
Speaking to the issue of having to lash back, you demonstrated the exact same situation in your second paragraph, again hypocritical.
Again with the insults, are you "lashing back" because of your immaturity and fragile ego? Maybe, but I'll let you answer that.
Lastly, responding in a condescending manner to my posts was thoroughly unnecessary, considering the way they were written was obviously a joke, and if someone wasn't able to comprehend that, again they need serious help. You're fun to argue with, ya'know?

Default avatar cat
Sep 16, 2008 1:19PM EDT

There are no insults or lash backs, merely observations towards the fact that you come off as a 12 year old in your first postings then once there are some well spoken rebuttals your writing style completely changes. Whether or not you formed those original postings to get a rise out of people or if you simply feel the need respond like an adult now that there are people speaking to you in such a manner is entirely your purgative, however I have more important things to focus on (such as lab reports and thesis papers) and will abruptly end this conversation here. I've made all the points I set out to in my earlier posts.

Sep 17, 2008 12:57AM EDT

i had no idea it would be so easy to make your life miserable. I think you might want to take that hint and go outside maybe? Find a girlfriend (hey some girls like they're dumb boys, you have hope) perhaps or *gasp* do something to make you feel somewhat fulfilled in your life! Is this really it for you? Is it really more empowering to fight a faceless personality? Do you talk to people you love (if applicable) this way? Perhaps its time for you to get some perspective. Alas few people actually practice what they preach.For the rest of you that might be curious i did ace that paper and thank you for stating your opinions and when i was busy living. Working/Psychology courses/Game Programming tends to take up your time. The only reason why i have any now is because i have minions bwahahahaa! Depending on if anything else captures my attention in this thread, i might respond, but probably not. I just finished all episodes and now i am bored. Time to geek out on another form of entertainment. Yay! Btw watch a show called Lexx if your into sci fi. Trust me, worth it.

Default avatar cat
Sep 17, 2008 11:39AM EDT

Game programming? seriously? that's pretty sweet. Anyhoo my life isn't ruined, I started posting on this site for some fun, and to see how other people react when faced with an arrogant persona when they can feel secure through a screen name, because in experience in real life I've noticed how passive aggressive most people are when in contact with someone of the same nature. You have been a great example of this as well as the other person, "Rhodias" But arguing with you guys has been fun, and taken up some time when I was supposed to be doing work.
Hahaha I had a girlfriend, she went psycho, so I'm gonna stay away from that for a while.You know by now that I'm not dumb or you would have stumped me a while ago, and you're one to bring up speaking to people you love this way. Being sarcastic and brutal just the way I was, but like you said, "Alas few people actually practice what they preach." right?Hmm, maybe I'll check that show outNice talking to you :)

Default avatar cat
Sep 18, 2008 10:42PM EDT

Wow. I cannot believe I just spend a whole like, three minutes, reading this.
Can't you guys just get along? Go settle it over who can drink more beer or something. Seriously though, what is with all the harsh language?

Default avatar cat
Feb 21, 2011 3:01AM EST

holy shit i just did the same thing and wasted three minutes of my life reading this bs then another ten just to create an account just to reply. this arguement is old as fuck lilmanpuu you are a little bitch with a small as penis and i know this cause im a lttle bitch with a small penis too. grow up and get a life or ill rape your ass whole so hard your ancestors will feel it!!!!!!! PWNT NOOOBBBB peace out bitches

Dec 14, 2011 4:21AM EST

lol guys really?? This fight is stupid lilmanuu is entitled to his own opinion if he believes thatthis girl in the bar is teds wife then so be it. theladyshannara.. It is not your place to comment if you dont agree then just dont comment.. seriously do you people even have lives

Oct 20, 2012 11:05PM EDT

lilmanluu, stop arguing with these people. I have no clue why they are ganging up on you, but for whatever reason, you have been targeted. Obviously logic has slipped their mind. Perhaps they really feel like that, but come on! The one person used the fact that they are in school to legitimize why you are lower than them? Come on! Why even argue with them? I think more than anything, they are jealous that you have a post on here. Yes, it was obvious, but it was a clear post nonetheless. Look, you create content and let them argue back and forth about it.

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Jan 26, 2013 12:53AM EST

wow im quite surprised i just found this article that was posted about 5 yrs ago and im commenting
lilmanluu you exercised your freedom of speech in which you stated the obvious to many people but thats fine not everyone can see connections immediatley
we all miss this that have been there from the start at some point in time
like many others i spent minutes reading through all these comments hoping to find things about himym but found fights that were for some sociology paper and then defending that person and both people continuing that fight
one states that they have no life but a huge ego
the other trying to defend themselves while writing vulgar language
our society is one with technological advances we come to the internet to entertain ourselves when we have no plans or research information we would like to know
those are the reasons that i first came here for
i thought this was newer than 2008 but it wasnt and i was dragged into writing about how dumb and evil society can be i see everyday how stupidness takes place in our lives and how it can ruin a person
did that person ever think how their simple sociology paper offends the person it tries to break making them feel dumb when they posted something innocent and theladyshannara said she was going to practice their freedom of speech as well
it wasnt coffee or mornings that made you write those offending words it was society

did the person using vulgar language think that the one he directed to may have been made fun of repeatingly always hearing those same words towards them
no we dont think about the consequences and although this might not be the outcome we could hurt people with words just as much as with a weapon
the pen is truly mightier than the sword and i honestly dont care if people read this or not as many others have said or thought i used my power:freedom of speech
this all comes to you from an AVERAGE high school student in 2013, 5 yrs. from the beginning of the original post which was about a tv show
isnt it awesome how society works in our generation -__- :)

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