Mike White on Enlightened’s Finale, and His Plan for Season Three

(Warning: This post contains spoilers about Sunday's season-two Enlightened finale.) This season of Enlightened ended with Amy achieving her goal of exposing her employer, Abaddon, for its illegal and corrupt dealings, and co-creator/writer Mike White never considered denying her that. “I wanted that part to land for her. I always had from the beginning,” he told Vulture during a recent interview about the show. In the episode, Amy succeeds on blowing the whistle on her corrupt corporate overlord on the front page of the LA Times, but at great personal cost. Given the show’s consistently smallish ratings, he wrote Sunday’s simultaneously triumphant and heartbreaking episode as a possible series wrap-up. “I was hedging my bets,” White said of the show’s still uncertain future. “[Otherwise] It would be this unfinished thing and I feel like people would never want to check it out... I wanted it to feel like it could work as its own piece.” Read More...



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