Californication Review: Party Like a Rock Star

On last week's Californication, Atticus's inspiration had run dry - that was, until a near death experience put a spark back into the air.

This week, Hank and Charlie returned home to find Charlie's house trashed as a result of Becca trying to find some inspiration of her own. When Hank tried to play parent and lecture Becca about the dangers of drugs on "The Dope Show," she brought up his own creative process and threw it right back in his face. 

Despite all Hank's shortcomings as a parent, Becca still looks up to her father for his many talents as a writer. So it should not have come as such a shock to see his daughter headed down the same path he took, in her search to find her own words. Tiier conversation had all the makings of an Anti-drug PSA...


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