Ripper Street Season 1 Review “A Man Of My Company”

It’s reckoning time for Captain Jackson on this week’s Ripper Street. We’ve gotten clues along the way that Jackson isn’t what he seems, and that he and Long Susan have a past life that they’d rather forget. When an American businessman, Theodore Swift, shows up in town with a gang of Pinkertons, it’s no surprise that they’re intent on tracking down Jackson and Long Susan. The intrigue of the week begins with a ship engineer, Fanthorpe, murdered and dropped in the Thames. His company is poised to introduce a new type of marine engine that will give it a competitive edge in the steam liner industry. Everyone believes that now that Fanthorpe is dead, the company is finished. Swift wants to keep it that way so that his own company may benefit from the lack of competition. Thus, he is less than thrilled to learn that the mind behind the innovative engine is not the dead engineer – it is his wife. READ MORE...


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