The Good Wife Recap: Competitive Edge

Every Good Wife character has his or her comfort zone, and it’s a credit to the writers that in strong episodes like this one, we get to see nearly all of our major players operating both within theirs and having their boundaries challenged, punctured, and even expanded.

For Peter, his comfort zone is being the aggressor, the capo, the bully. That’s why Jordan’s strategy advising him to hang back against Maddie in the televised gubernatorial primary debate is so hard for him to stomach, and suits him like an ill-fitting sweater. “Like Obama in his first debate?” Peter gripes. Er, sort of? “If you go angry,” Jordan says, “you’re gonna remind women of their first husbands.” Peter’s noticeably unsure with this, but without Eli around to urge him to go for the jugular, he’s forced to comply. When it comes to the real thing, the tactic doesn’t serve him, and in true after-school-special spirit, it takes aligning with his authentic nature — thanks to a game-time assist from Eli — to turn things around. Read More...


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