Being Human Review: Living Dead Girl

I was so sure, going into "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland," that I had everything figured out. I was certain that all of the Nora versus Aidan crap was setting us up for a Liam versus Nora showdown once Liam discovered she killed Brynn. The only person who would to be there to save Nora's ass would be Aidan.

I thought there was no other reason for Nora to turn to incredibly hypocritical in such a short period of time. She even admitted outright she killed Brynn in self defense, but Josh and Aidan only had her word that was the case. They had no trouble accepting her version of events, but Aidan and Josh postulated that Liam clouded Erin's mind, resulting in Aidan killing her in self defense and she was unable to process it.

Instead, Aidan and Josh are two of the best men out there, supernatural or not, and I can only wish my big idea was the one that came to fruition. Read More...


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