'Bones' recap: Soap, tragedy and quotes from 'The Survivor in the Soap'

There are few things more tragic than the issue of child soldiers used in wars. And tragedy like this makes everyone on "Bones" really depressed. That may be realistic, but it doesn't make for a fun episode.It probably makes me a bad person to say this, but I wished throughout most of "The Survivor in the Soap" that everyone would just lighten up a little. These are people who deal with death daily -- often occurring in the most horrible and tragic ways. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) has worked identifying victims of mass killings on multiple occasions. Booth (David Boreanaz) was a soldier. Even Cam (Tamara Taylor) worked as a coroner in New York City.Horrifying death and even more horrifying conditions shouldn't be quite so sobering for people like this. When the "Bones" characters are this affected, it just feels... off. Not bad, per se. Just off.The ongoing tragedy of Arastoo VaziriI have found the...



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