'White Collar' Season 4 finale: Somebody goes 'In the Wind'

What a thrilling finale to "White Collar's" fourth season, huh fans?We have to say -- as much as it was awful that James went on the run again, it did afford Matt Bomer some meaty material to work with. He absolutely killed that last scene in his apartment, which nicely mirrored the scene in the premiere where he got choked up as he welcomed his dad into his life. What a blow for Neal. And what a blow for Peter. Obviously, we don't think the show is going to send one of its two main characters off to federal prison, but it'll be interesting to see how the show resolves Peter's innocence in Senator Pratt's death. It certainly doesn't look good. How do you viewers feel about Agent Calloway? We think she's a fun foil for Neal and Peter. Do you think she really was in Pratt's pocket, or would she have let whatever evidence...



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