'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 finale: Spencer comes face to face with the girl in the red coat?

ABC Family has released one more picture of the "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3 finale -- and this one is pretty juicy. We've already seen that Mr. Fitz appears to be back at Rosewood High School, plus Spencer may be planning a tea of some sort. But now it looks as though Spencer will come face to face with the mysterious red-coat-wearing figure we've been seeing all season. Who do you think it will turn out to be?Meanwhile, here are some sneak peek clips of the penultimate episode of "Liars," titled "I'm Your Puppet." Spencer is still in Radley and she's insisting she saw Toby's body -- and that she's not ready to leave the sanitarium yet. And does Spencer's mom know more about Alison's last few weeks than she's letting on? Intriguing. Finally, candy stripers Emily and Hanna are up to their old tricks in the hospital morgue."Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday nights at...



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