Being Human (UK) Series 5 Review “No Care, All Responsibility” — He Has Risen

We’re only one episode away from the end of Being Human, dear reader. ‘No Care, All Responsibility’ had to set up the big showdown, establish Hatch as a legitimate threat, and reveal what exactly Rook has been doing all this time. A tall order for an hour long episode, but it succeeded. The guest character this week was Natasha, a girl who has been under Rook’s care after he saved her from vampires as a child. This was where we learnt just how smart Rook is; by having Tom ‘save’ Natasha, Rook played on Tom’s old-fashioned, McNair-induced need to protect women. In just a couple of days, Natasha was a part of Tom’s life to the extent that he was prepared to have sex with her (a huge deal for Tom). READ MORE...


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