The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Clear”

All right! That’s more like it! I really quite enjoy The Walking Dead, and overall I’ve enjoyed this third season quite a bit, but my feelings on the second half of the third season so far have been pretty "meh". Not that it’s bad, but it really pales in comparison to the first eight episodes for sure. That’s why I couldn’t be happier to report that I thought tonight’s installment "Clear" was not only the best episode of the season, but one of my favorite episode of the whole series! Before we get to the actual events of the episode, I’d like to mention how much I really enjoy how this show has taken such a casual approach to the state of the world our survivors are living in. I mentioned it earlier in this season, but it used to be that every time we saw a zombie on this show it was a big deal! Now, however, I love how blase and almost bored everybody is when they have to dispatch a walker. With that being said, I did think it was a little odd how they just ignored that other survivor with the backpack. Every other time they’ve come across a survivor, it’s always been a big deal. READ MORE...


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