Girls Season 2 Review “It’s Back”

Well, that was certainly an eventful episode of Girls. "It’s Back" was hellbent to reveal to us something completely new about the history of each girl. (Jessa excluded, obviously.) And each thing was something we had little, if any at all, knowledge of before now. And, on the side, we’re treated to a glimpse of Adam outside the realm of any other known characters, and it’s kind of refreshing. Let’s start with the least shocking. Shoshanna, of course, has a whole group of friends we’ve never seen, which makes sense. She’s the most distant of the central group of four, and while, due to economy of screen time and what the series chooses to focus on, we’ve never seen them before, it isn’t hard to accept that they exist. And it’s easy, too, to accept that Shoshanna now feels distant from them, and while we only see this evidenced in one scene, it’s ruthlessly effective. So she makes out with a doorman, and that’s left unresolved, which would be fine if the whole episode didn’t feel like one giant anti-resolution. But more on that later. READ MORE...


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