Shameless Season 3 Review “A Long Way From Home”

The Gallaghers are still separated in this week’s Shameless, ‘A Long Way From Home’, and Fiona decides to take drastic action in order to get them back. She’s basically their primary caregiver anyway, sure, but making things legal certainly changes things. Can she finally strip Frank of his parental rights and take the kids for herself, or will things go wrong yet again when she tries to claw something back for herself? We saw last week that Debbie, Carl, and the rest of the family weren’t in ideal homes, and we also know that things will work out in Fiona’s favour eventually. That doesn’t make her fight to keep them together any less dramatic and suspenseful, however, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout to see whether she would be able to transfer Frank’s parental rights over to herself. After all, even if she had won outright, that’s five kids and at least 16 years of responsibility – what 21-year-old wants to inherit that? READ MORE...


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Jun 6, 2016 4:40PM EDT

Was so glad to see Fiona be so strong in getting guardianship of her siblings in this was really empowering and so long overdue! Also thought it was fascinating to see how Frank and Fiona each go to different extremes in order to secure the guardianship of the Gallagher kids  Fiona's chopping off a toe and forging Monica's signature on custody papers, while Frank does the thing he's most averse to and participates in an intervention. Great stuff, probably the best episode of the season. 

Also, I loved the music they used in this episode, particuarly in scenes leading up to and after the court session. I thought “Potions” by Sydney Wayser was a great choice to play when Frank goes to The Alibi to have a few drinks to calm his nerves before going to family court, and then near the end, I was really happy to hear “The Fury” by Middle Distance Runner play when Fiona wins the custody of her siblings and they all are happy and celebrate (with the exception of the visibly
shocked Jimmy)

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