The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Brownsized”

In the latest episode of "The Cleveland Show," amusingly-titled "Brownsized," Cleveland found an out at work when Mr. Waterman, his boss, offered up a severance package that included six months pay up front. Interpreting this as a way to do nothing for six months and get paid for it, Cleveland leaps at the chance, but there’s a catch, of course, in that Donna isn’t about to let Cleveland do nothing for that long. After an amusing in-joke in which Cleveland turns back time, Superman-style, so that he can leave out the part about doing nothing for six months to Donna, he’s off and slacking, putting only the bare minimum into looking for work while he blows through his severance pay. His friends are a little concerned about his newfound lack-of-work ethic. READ MORE...


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