The Following Season 1 Review “Let Me Go”

We’ve spent the past six weeks watching The Following trot out milquetoast serial killers and babysit a child on a farm. We did this while the criminal mastermind of a large cult sat in prison. It made little sense in the grand scheme of the show and made even less sense when it became abundantly clear he was the most charismatic evil person on the show. You can say what you like about James Purefoy’s acting chops, but the man does have charisma. His charisma so far exceeds that of his followers (makes sense in the real world, not so much in TV land) that his freedom from the confines of an FBI detention center are most welcome. Joe Carroll being let free is not the cure-all elixir for the show, but it does infuse the show with a much needed dose of engaging conflict. If nothing else, we now have our protagonist and antagonist able to square off with each other on even footing. It gives the audience a potential showdown to dream about. That is, if anyone truly cares at this point. Judging from last week’s comments, perhaps you do not. READ MORE...


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