Vikings Season 1 Review “Rites of Passage”

I have to confess that I do not watch the History Channel all that often. That’s changing thanks to its new original program, Vikings. The show has the look and feel of an HBO show and has an impressive pedigree behind it. Tudors scribe Michael Hirst brings 793AD Scandinavia to life and introduces a new hero, Ragnar Lodbrog (Travis Fimmel). This is not some rinky-dink Saturday afternoon syndicated historical drama. Stylistically, the show is similar to Game of Thrones. The palate is dark with grays and browns contrasting against the green landscape. The perpetually overcast skies make life seem dirty and dismal for the Viking people. In many ways, it must have been. Vikings are associated in our imaginations with lawless hordes killing, pillaging, and plundering their way through neighboring lands. On the one hand, Vikings can be looked at as daring explores who first pushed the boundaries of geographical knowledge all the way to the new world. On the other hand, that vision is less romantic and more about their thirst for riches. Vikings wants to give us a bit of both views. READ MORE...


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