Red Widow Season 1 Review “Pilot; The Contact”

In ABC’s new drama Red Widow, Marta Walraven has a seemingly idyllic life that involves bike rides around San Francisco Bay, a luxurious home, and three darling children. Things swiftly turn ugly when Marta’s brother Irwin ropes her husband, Evan, into an unsavory transaction. Irwin made a big mistake and stole a shipment of cocaine intended for Schiller, a ruthless gangster. Before being murdered, one of Schiller’s henchmen ominously warns him, "No one steals from Schiller." Marta’s husband makes an even bigger mistake by going along with Evan’s plan to sell the drugs. He changes his mind, though, after Marta begs him to stop his criminal activities. Marta is willing to sacrifice everything, including her family, friends, and life as she knows it in order to escape the dangers of this criminal lifestyle. Before that can happen, Evan is gunned down in their driveway in front of their young son. READ MORE...


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