The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Review “Hush Hush”

Secrets are spilling out all over the place on this week’s The Carrie Diaries, appropriately titled ‘Hush Hush’, and the lies Carrie, Sebastian and Maggie have been living are finally over and done with. Some people get away with it, of course, with Walt’s love life taking an even more surprising route than it has so far. First up is Carrie, who starts her dream internship at Interview. The job, and lifestyle, fits her like a glove, and she soon finds herself ditching a long-awaited high school event in order to go out for cosmopolitans with her co-workers. Obviously, this is the beginning of a whole new habit for Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, with the beginning of the episode also introducing the future fashion-obsessive to her first pair of Manolo Blahniks. The trouble is, she forgets herself for a moment, and who should be in the same club as her but her dear old dad? READ MORE...


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