Being Human Season 3 Review “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland”

On the latest episode of "Being Human," the world was not kind for our gang, as each went through some life-changing experiences, most of which were not positive, on the aptly-titled "Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland." (Actually, since Aidan and Sally are technically the walking dead, I suppose for them it would be "death-changing" experiences.) We started with a wonderland of a different sort, as in Aidan’s "dank basement wonderland," which he has been sticking to, along with the hospital, in order to steer clear of a still angry Nora. Josh promises to talk to her, but Aidan is convinced she’d sell him out in a heartbeat to Liam if given half the chance. Not helping matters is Nora’s discovery of the two girls Aidan and Henry killed, who she can see but Josh can’t, no longer being a supernatural being and all. They fill her in on the gory details of that incident, which doesn’t exactly help endear Aidan to her. READ MORE...


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