Go On Season 1 Review “Double Down”

When we’ve watched someone on our television screens for a number of years, we begin to see old character traits not as certain tics relative to that particular actor, but manifestations of times gone by. In many ways, those old beats can be comforting and bring up certain feelings of nostalgia. However, if the actions are put in the wrong context, then those comforting character beats become the stale flailings of an actor who only knows one way to portray television characters. Right or wrong, this thought is always prominent anytime I watch Matthew Perry on Go On. As you watch an episode unfold, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between Ryan King and when Matthew Perry is "Chandlering" (Copyright, Adam Newland, 2013). While Chandler had his unnerving moments in the ten season run of Friends, it’s still an iconic character in one of the seminal television shows of recent memory. Now forced to carry NBC’s broader answer to the cult favorite Community, Perry alternates between strong lead in a comedy about the nature of grief and notable goofball who will do anything to get laughs. READ MORE...


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