The Crash Series 1 Episode 1 (BBC3) Review

Playing out like a really long, two-part, public service information film, BBC3’s new drama The Crash begins its run by introducing us to the gang of unsuspecting teens who will eventually succumb to a particularly nasty car accident. This first instalment had the difficult job of introducing us to a group of friends while the prospect of death hung over them like a black cloud, and it’s a credit it to the writers that I found myself genuinely caring by the end. We have Kate, the good girl off to university, Rachel, her gobby best friend, Lewis, Kate’s boyfriend and the man responsible for the crash, and other assorted friends and family who all congregate when Kate returns from university after three months (why none of the others seem to have been away isn’t explained). She and Lewis are seen getting over-friendly upon her return, but the pleas of friends to head on over to the pub are too strong. Cue a set of circumstances that we must unravel over the next two hours. READ MORE...


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