Smash Season 2 Review “The Read-Through”

Just when you thought ‘Bombshell’ would be heading to the bright lights of Broadway after all, Smash throws in yet another obstacle for the hapless production to climb over. In ‘The Read-Through’, Julia has pretty much perfected the story, with plenty of assistance from Peter, but no one foresaw the complications that would arrive next. Jerry has decided that he likes an earlier draft better than he new, more focused and character-driven story, and the crew are split of which one would work better on stage. The choice is between a potential hit with critics and a potential hit at the box-office, and Tom and Julia are split for the first time. Tom, not unexpected since he’s the musical director, wants the version of ‘Bombshell’ that has the show-stopping song and dance numbers taking precedent over the story, while Julia and Derek can’t fathom why anyone would turn down the more recent script. READ MORE...


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