Touch Season 2 Review “Eye to Eye”

I often wonder what goes through someone’s head before they do something incredibly stupid. I wonder if there’s some sort of switch that’s malfunctioning in their heads. There’s got to be a reasonable explanation. A couple characters in this episode of Touch did some pretty stupid things, and I just have to wonder what they were thinking. A few thoughts about "Eye to Eye": One of the major things we discovered in this episode was that Calvin has a younger brother named William. Calvin and William were in a car accident which left William in a permanent vegetative state. Calvin and Frances are doing all the tests and so forth on Amelia because they’re trying to find a cure for William’s condition. I suppose that introducing William was supposed to make me feel more sympathy for Calvin and Frances. But in truth, it just made me despise them even more. They have kidnapped a young girl, kept her from her mother, and used her as a guinea pig for their own purposes. Who are they to decide that Amelia’s mother wouldn’t understand why they want to map her brain? Did they even try to find out? No. They decided that their family was more important than Amelia’s family, so they just took her. Where does it end? Do they plan to stop after they find a cure for William? Are they going to let Amelia go back to her mother then? Or will they find another reason to keep her? What makes them believe they have any right to do what they’re doing? READ MORE...


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