The Neighbors Season 1 Review “I Believe I Can Drive” – Some Have the Gift, Some Don’t

I’m tired of The Neighbors narrating my life! It’s very strange. I don’t put this in every review of this show, but more often than not, The Neighbors has plot lines that speak more to my experiences than I expected it would. Even this episode, "I Believe I Can Drive," relates to me. I, like Larry and Amber, can’t drive. Well, that’s not entirely true–I can drive just as well as anyone else, but I choose not to. It’s way too stressful for me. But I identify with Larry and Amber’s annoyance and frustration with driving. Driving just seems to come easier to some people than others and it’s irritating when you can’t join the rest of the driving world. It’s like sitting at the geek table while watching the cool kids have fun. READ MORE...


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