Community Season 4 Review “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations”

Community returned tonight with the fifth episode of its divisive fourth season with the very funny "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations". It was a little weird having a Thanksgiving episode in early March, but I’m just glad that we got another season of this great comedy, despite how belated it might have been. Tonight’s installment was the episode that we’ve all been waiting for: We finally get to meet Jeff’s dad! The character of Jeff’s dad, as well as the actor who would play him, has been a very hotly debated and exciting topic, so it was great to finally get to meet him! James Brolin did a great job playing daddy Winger, but Workaholic’s Adam DeVine did an even better job as Jeff’s crazy half-brother Willy Jr.! Jeff’s dad suggesting to Britta that "Maybe you could shrink his head since you’re here…for some reason" was hilarious. The great cherry on top, though, was Britta running off to console Willy: "Show me on the dinner roll where you’re hurt!" READ MORE...


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