American Idol Season 12 Review “Finalists Announced”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is "American Idol" and this is your top ten! Yep, they’ve finally narrowed this sucker down to much more manageable and stealthy ten performers, and none too soon. According to Ryan Seacrest, the voting numbers are up ten million from last year to a whopping 39 million, so let’s see who America decided, in its infinite wisdom, should make the final cut- and how it stacks up to my previous predictions over the last few days. As has been the case nearly every step of the way this season, a new approach was taken yet again in this stage of the competition, this time in that the boys and girls were separately sequestered backstage to await the news of their respective fates. Unlike before, there was no maddening step-by-step process with Ryan going through each contestant one by one and telling them whether they were in or out. This always seemed needlessly cruel to me, so I applaud the newfound let’s just rip the band-aid off gambit. READ MORE...


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