'The Vampire Diaries' spoilers: Is Elena flirting with Stefan again?

"The Vampire Diaries" hiatus is almost over, and we're sure none of you minded the little break one bit! Or, you know... not. The CW has offered up a sneak peek clip from Thursday's new episode, and let's just say we see a lot of Katherine in this new, brotherless version of Elena.In the clip, Stefan approaches Elena as she's prepping for her cheerleading competition. And while he's looking to have a serious conversation, she's more concerned with using him as her personal jungle gym. This shameless, forward attitude isn't something we've seen before from Elena -- and it seems a little brazen, considering her history with Stefan and her current relationship with Damon. To his credit, Stefan seems unfazed by her leg on his shoulder.Of course, we have seen this attitude from Katherine in the past. Perhaps Elena has inherited more than just her good looks from her doppelganger predecessor.Do you think Elena actually...



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