'Walking Dead' Season 3 episode 13 recap: 'Arrow on the Doorpost' - Negotiate this

This week's "The Walking Dead" was constructed as a series of conversations, and while Rick's not-so-good-faith negotiations with the Governor took up most of the screen time, the more pivotal discussions may have been happening all around them."I could've killed you all and I didn't," the Governor tells Rick in a preview of the twisted narcissism and power games to come. The sociopathic leader leads Rick in quite a dance and unloads a lot of information -- his status as a reluctant leader, the death of his wife before the zombie apocalypse, an unwillingness to compromise, and his primary interest: revenge against Michonne (who took his daughter, his eye and probably a chunk of his pride).We don't know how much of it to believe, and neither does Rick. But he has no choice when it comes to considering the Governor's deal: turn over Michonne and everyone else can go free. After the events of last...



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