The Good Wife Recap: FutureSex LoveSounds

Willicia who? Maybe we’ve just been starved for glimpses of genuine chemistry this season with all the bus sex (ew) and food play we’ve had to endure, but I thought that non-kiss/seduction moment between Cary and Kalinda in the bar was just about the sexiest thing the Kings have given us in more than a year. How many of you with DVRs rewound to watch Cary’s perfect, vulnerable expression after Kalinda tells him to “say something nice”? And then the way he touches her hair and she brushes his hand away and bites her lip and then we know things can only go one way. GOLD. I don’t care that the entire history of their relationship was glossed over in two minutes “you want more and I can’t give you more” and that all the subsequent action here happened offscreen. I adored this exchange; I think the two of them together (Agoslinda? Commenters: We need a name for this!) is dynamic and hot and complicated and everything this show does well and always needs more of. I can’t wait to see where this goes.  Read More...


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