Deception Review: Gone Clubbing

"You're the Bad Guy" gives out plenty of answers to Deception's conspiracy plot with Lyritrol, but it does leave one convenient answer out: who killed Vivian Bowers?

It finally fully hit me as Joanna and Julian were in bed together that their relationship is very much in peril because she’s a cop, and she’s investigating his family; no matter how in love with each other they are those kinds of obstacles are not easily overcome, and Joanna looks like she’s bursting at the seams wanting to tell him she’s a cop.

Will also made that this relationship point too, but his jealousy is a little over the top for me. Will had his chance with Joanna, and he blew it with her. Hurt feelings are one thing, but being cordial and gracious to your ex is the better route. I don’t think Will’s completely out of the game yet, but he’s quickly digging his own relationship grave. Read More...


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