Glee Season 4 Review “Girls (and Boys) on Film”

So we’re finally back in Lima, Ohio and its safe to say that we have A LOT of questions that need answering, stat. Is Rachel pregnant? If so, who’s the daddy? Will Finn come clean to Will about his kiss with Emma? Will the new New Direction-ers ever be as interesting as the original cast? Glee is back on our screens, but ‘Girls (and Boys) on Screen’ doesn’t live in the safe haven of jaunty music and dancing that we once knew so well. No, the adult world has well and truly intruded on these young lives, with Rachel cooking a bun in the oven, Santana theorising that Brody could be a drug dealer, and Finn agonising over his mistake with his best friend’s girl. These aren’t kids anymore, but they certainly aren’t adults, either. The mistakes they make are bigger, and the consequences that come with them can’t be solved by going to a teacher or talking to an understanding parent. READ MORE...


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