Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “O.T. The Outside Toilet”

It’s been a very long time since I’ve watched E.T., but this week’s Bob’s Burgers episode, "O.T. The Outside Toilet," got me feeling a little nostalgic for a fantastical childhood adventure. I suppose that the odds of me stumbling across a toilet with Siri-esque capabilities are quite a bit higher than the odds of me running into an extraterrestrial, but Bob’s Burgers still managed to turn a story about a boy and his toilet into something heartwarming and whimsical. In seeing some of the episode previews, I was a bit worried that Bob’s Burgers was going to step outside of the incredibly weird, but still realistic world that they’ve developed by introducing a sentient toilet into the mix. It wouldn’t have been the first time a sentient bathroom fixture has appeared in the Animation Domination lineup, and while I’m sure I would have laughed at Gene befriending a toilet with feelings, it was so much more gratifying to have Gene’s affections stem from his imagination and fascination with a really cool gadget. READ MORE...


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