Nikita Season 3 Review “Reunion”

Every so often, Nikita has one of those weeks where logic takes a holiday, leaving big, gaping logic hole in its wake. ‘Reunion’ is one of those episodes, but the continued narrative extended from last week keeps it entertaining despite how little sense some of the characters’ actions make. After finding out what Ari wanted his money for, the central focus of this week’s episode is on his son, Stefan (played by Awake’s Dylan Minette), currently being protected by German bodyguard Krieg. Everyone either wants to protect or to kill Stefan, so the race is on to capture the kid before another faction gets their clutches on him. The trouble is, Krieg is really good at his job, and Nikita’s rash decision to throw him off a rooftop while he’s trying to protect his charge means that she’s perceived as just as much of a threat as Amanda and her goons are. READ MORE...


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