Grimm Season 2 Review “Face Off”

The black cat is out of the bag. Nick knows that his boss, Renard, has been romancing Juliette and he is definitely not happy. His day is just going to get worse when he finds out that Renard has been snooping around Aunt Marie’s trailer and that he’s found the key in Nick’s desk. It seems like a long time since we saw Nick in Monroe’s house, discovering that his boss was the other man in Juliette’s life. Fortunately, we pick up exactly where we left off and Nick was ready to take on Renard. It was hard to watch Renard enter Nick’s house with Juliette. I was really hoping that Nick wouldn’t back down and would break down the door, gun drawn. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and the situation was allowed to play out. Even though Juliette is under a spell, I hope that Nick will be able to get past picturing her with Renard once the spell is broken. Juliette has never been one of the strongest characters on the show, but Nick’s love for her balances out the violent things he has to do as a Grimm. READ MORE...


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