Ripper Street Season 1 Review “What Use Our Work”

On last week’s Ripper Street, Captain Jackson’s former Pinkerton colleague set him up as the murderer of a prostitute. It seemed from the preview that the season finale was going to focus on clearing Jacksons name and quelling public panic over the return of Jack the Ripper. In an interesting twist, neither of these turned out to be the case. The police station is still grieving at the loss of Hobbs. In an incredibly touching scene, the policemen come together in a bar to mourn their fallen colleague. Drake, a man typically quick to show anger or toughness, is overwhelmed with emotion and stands before them with tears in his eyes. He is angry, though, at Inspector Reid, who he thinks is out of touch with the lives and concerns of his men. For his part, Reid is equally affected by Hobbs’ death, but realizes that he never took the time to get to know Hobbs when he was alive. For example, he didn’t know Hobbs was married. READ MORE...


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