The Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Arrow on the Doorpost”

After last week’s incredible episode "Clear", I really wanted tonight’s installment "Arrow on the Doorpost" to keep that momentum going. We’ve only got three episodes left of The Walking Dead in season three, so I was really hoping for this episode to send the series in a positive direction towards a satisfying conclusion to the season. Unfortunately, this was a definite step back from last week, and a bit of a disappointment over all. The majority of tonight’s installment revolved around a negotiation that Andrea brokered between The Governor and Rick. The idea of a Rick/Governor showdown sounds great on paper, but there were so many problems with these scenes that it made it very difficult to enjoy. First of all, The Governor seemed to be either playing dumb or had very selective memory tonight. "I could have killed all of you, but I chose not to" he boasts. Um, they actually killed a bunch of your dudes at the prison and you left all by yourself. Between the raid on Woodbury and on the prison, I would say that Rick’s group is actually ahead in total body count. READ MORE...


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