Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “The Miller’s Daughter” – A Mother’s Love

Ding, dong, the witch is…spoiler alert! Yes, though it seems likely that Regina’s mama will find a way to magically cheat death, it seems as if Snow White fulfilled her promise to kill Cora in "The Miller’s Daughter," this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Am I the only one who totally doesn’t have a problem with this? Sure, it was a touch on the dark side for Snow, and she immediately regretted tricking Regina into restoring Cora’s heart after Snow used the magic life-swapping candle on Rumple and Cora that she wasn’t able to use as a child to save her mother’s life, but so freaking what? This is a war between good and evil; all bets are off! We don’t condemn soldiers for the lives they take in battle. I think we can give Snow a pass on taking out a woman who was just about to take Rumple’s place as the Dark One. READ MORE...


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