Girls Season 2 Review “On All Fours”

"On All Fours" must be the most painful episode of television I’ve watched in recent memory. It’s an episode of Girls, a show that is still nominally a comedy, in which the only laughs available are dark and horribly depressing, more of a defense mechanism than actual laughter. Which is all to say, this works, and it works incredibly well. The show got to me, physically and emotionally, and often both at once. We’ll start with the lightest half of the episode, centering around Marnie and Shoshanna. And when I say "lightest," I mean that it still involved a singing scene that I had to watch through my fingers, it was so painful. And it ends with Marnie making another horrible mistake in a long series of recent horrible mistakes, right after an impassioned plea that her life is, in fact, completely together. READ MORE...


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