The Following Season 1 Review “Welcome Home”

Many moons ago, when Kevin Williamson did Scream, he set out to create a full-fledged takedown of the horror genre. He took shots at some of the more ridiculous elements, while asking the audience to question their own expectations of the genre. The result was some of his most interesting work to date. Williamson has tried repeatedly to capture the old magic in many subsequent projects, but The Following gave him a unique opportunity to create a show for network television (Sorry, The Vampire Diaries: The CW doesn’t totally count). The potential and vision of The Following is present in every episode. Once again, Williamson seeks to take a different look at a known genre. He wants to make the antagonist side just as deep and nuanced as the protagonist side. It’s the reason Joe Carroll has intimate scenes with his son at the beginning and with one of his charges at the end. We’re meant to think the Serial Killer Frat House is filled with common people with profoundly uncommon proclivities. Given the people we’ve chosen to empathize with on television over the years, it’s not the worst idea in the world. However, the idea requires near flawless execution. And that’s where everything goes awry. READ MORE...


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