Being Human Season 3 Review “Of Mice & Wolfmen”

Quite the interesting episode of "Being Human" this week, with things headed in decidedly unexpected directions all around, on "Of Mice & Wolfmen." Had those developments been dubious, I might have had trouble with them, but I actually liked the big twists this week, as shark-jump risky as some of them are. And let’s face it, things could have gone a lot worse. Of course, the big question was: what would be Aidan’s fate? I mean, you know they’re not going to kill him off, right? Or would they go there? They did not and in the immediate aftermath, it first felt like a cheat; but then as everything began to sink in, and you realized the bigger implications of it all, it proved to be kind of a genius solution to that particular cliffhanger on a lot of levels. READ MORE...


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