Dallas Season 2 Review “JR’s Masterpiece” – The End of an Era

A legend was laid to rest last night, and whether his death was mourned or celebrated, Dallas won’t be the quite same without JR Ewing. Yet "JR’s Masterpiece" wasn’t just a tribute to the iconic work of Larry Hagman; it was also a promise to viewers, both long-time and brand new, that the show will survive his passing, and perhaps even continue to thrive….because the only question more intriguing than "who shot JR?" is "who killed JR?" To the rest of the world, JR was the victim of a mugging in a seedy Mexican hotel. His body was discovered there (I assume after John Ross had that fatal phone call traced) and positively identified by Bobby, John Ross, Sue Ellen and Christopher. Of course, it would be absolutely unfitting for JR Ewing to be taken out by a random mugger, so when it was later revealed that he had been in Abu Dabai on a quest to track down Christopher’s mother, the original Pamela Barnes, and that JR had suspicions that Cliff Barnes was joining forces with Harris Ryland, it was almost a moment of relief for John Ross. He needed something to focus on to avoid actually grieving, and not even random sex with a drugged-out Emma in the driveway of Southfork could give him peace of mind better than the quest for revenge. READ MORE...


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