Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Review “I’m your Puppet”

There was a whole lot of stuff going down on the penultimate episode of "Pretty Little Liars," not a lot of it good for our girls. Entitled "I’m Your Puppet," in regards to both a spooky carnival puppet show and an old Dionne Warwick chestnut featured on the info-packed show, it was a lot to digest, but in the best of ways. Spencer continued playing detective at Radley, but for heretofore unexpected reasons. Yes, she was there in part because she wanted to investigate Mona’s old digs for clues, but also, as it turns out, to prepare. For what, we do not know, but one thing is clear: she’s now officially in cahoots with Mona. In what capacity and why, we don’t quite know yet, but it would appear that she’s- gasp! – joined the "A"-Team. Say it ain’t so, Spence! READ MORE...


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