Smash Season 2 Review “The Fringe”

Transitionary episodes can be a little tedious or annoying, and this week’s Smash, ‘The Fringe’, is just that at times, but it’s also full of interesting character moments that push the storyline along in a more organic way. Whatever you think of the new season’s altered structure, at least we have more to focus on than ‘Bombshell’ every week, and the three productions are starting to collide more and more. Starting with ‘Bombshell’, as we always should, we find out instantly that Eileen took Tom and Jerry’s side on the story issue. Derek and Karen are obviously disillusioned by this, and increased pressure behind the scenes leads both of them to consider leaving the production all together. Julia is offered a work trip in London, but she’d have to leave Tom in the lurch, and Derek actually makes it all the way out the door when he feels his job is being undermined. It’s frustrating to watch this week, but I’m glad the characters are being spread out a bit more. READ MORE...


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