'Justified' - 'Get Drew': Can't always get what you want

Everyone on "Justified" knows who Drew Thompson is now. Solving that mystery, though, has not even remotely tied things up for this season. If anything, knowing Drew's identity has made the situation even messier.That's a particularly Elmore Leonard-esque twist for Tuesday's (March 12) episode, "Get Drew," which echoes the titles of one of Leonard's best-known novels. Drew does indeed get got (though not in "The Wire" sense), but even Raylan and Co., who now have their man in custody, don't seem too thrilled about it. Raylan neatly sums up the situation after Art notes it's a big accomplishment for Raylan and the marshals: "We're standing in a field. We haven't done s***."Everyone in the hunt for Drew comes away wanting by episode's end. Theo Tonin still doesn't have his man. Boyd, having given up his and Ava's nest egg to Limehouse(!) in exchange for Drew, is $300,000 poorer and now on the wrong side of...



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