Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode #01 Anime Review

An original project from Genco with animation by JC Staff, Ano Natsu de Matteru is the latest to arrive from the studio with a sense of familiar and wistful about it. Translated as "Waiting in the Summer," the series brings us to the realm of high school again as it revolves around freshman Kirishima Kaito, a young man with an old style camera that has a penchant for taking in the scenery. You can tell easily from the opening moments and the opening sequence itself that it’s going to be a show that while it may play with some fun elements is going to be a piece about mood and atmosphere more than anything else as it deals with a small mountain area town with a good sized lake to it. And an alien girl that crashes down into it at the start, knocking Kaito into the lake only to wake up in his room later wondering if it was all a dream. READ MORE...


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