Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode #04 Anime Review

With Kaito and Ichika having gotten closer in a way that kind of surprised and scared both of them, they’re now dealing with the fallout from it in the way that people of this age do, even if Ichika may not be from this world. Kaito tries to comfort himself by at least thinking he didn’t admit that he loved her while she tries to just remind herself to play it normal as she’s older than him and has to handle it properly. The two of them have a comical kind of tension between them at this point, made worse by actually living together, and it’s just a big part of how they’re both feeling throughout the day at this point. While others don’t know the specifics, it’s easy to tell that something is definitely off with both of them, but especially with Kaito as he wears his emotions and feelings on his sleeve more openly than Ichika does. READ MORE...


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