Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode #06 Anime Review

With the previous episode of the series, we got some nice moments of teenage issues, especially towards the end, that focused on the awkward relationship status between several of the friends. It’s typical in that we have a girl interested in the lead, like Kanna being into Kaito, and she’s uncertain of how Ichika figures into things and how she can get around it to get what she wants. Of course, Kanna is oblivious to another friend who is quite interested in her and he gets close to saying it while she rambles on about her love for Kaito, which could easily be the same as Ishigaki since what she likes about him is almost the same thing. And he’s actually interested in her, though he feels like he can’t really say anything about it because of her interests in Kaito. And in the midst of all of this you have the completely oblivious Ichika who is trying to figure out how to get in better with Kaito. And you have Remon who just wants to mess with everyone. READ MORE...


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